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Life and Transitions...

Well folks, we’ve done it!It is officially SUMMERTIME and I can’t be more excited!I love the Gershwin refrain “It’s summertime, and the living is easy”.I mean, I wish it was easy, but the sun is out and that makes up for a whole host of problematic issues such as kids, money, housing, and food. (or at least I can pretend I don’t have to cook, clean, pay bills or work while I’m daydreaming on the hammock sipping a gin and tonic, right? :)

We dispensed of another Beers boy this past weekend as #4 graduated from High School, one short summer away from moving out and beginning his life anew as a University student. We are, of course, duly proud of this magnificent young man, but I will be honest when I say I am ready for the transition—I know the phase that naturally occurs is a gift from God but I sure am ready to move on from this stage of parent/child relationship.

I liken this 18 year old attitude to the 9 month attitude of a pregnant woman: At 2 months, it’s so fresh and new you are t…

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