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This morning, I had the distinct pleasure of attending an Honors Program for all the Seniors from the MOISD Career Center.  This is our second child to come out of their programming; our first went 2 years for CADD, serving him quite well in his entry to Architecture and drafting.  I remember seeing some of his first remedial blueprints and being quite amazed; I see some things now and it is a complete foreign language to me - and I am in awe.  I might not understand a single line on the entire page, but my eyes shine with pride on the wonder of his craft, seeing the Wonder of his Creator come through his work.

This time, it's the Construction Trades.  Now my Basil isn't really going into Construction, but this was a perfect program for him as he goes on to Ferris for HVACR - (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration).  He honed onto what he was crafted for and is quite an apprentice, soaking up the Tradesman knowledge.

This past weekend, he stayed in Grand R…

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