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Walking in Silence

I love the thought of God working IN me (don't we all?) accomplishing His works with the aid of my willful obedience.  I get all gushy inside when I think of all that can happen with Him at my side...

oh. wait. Isn't there a warning there....something about .. oh yeah.  Pride.

So then comes the part of God working ON me. It's when I get all crazy inside because I need humility and assistance to truly listen to Christ and my Guardian Angel to help me in my discernment.  There are no worse ears than that of those who do not wish to hear.

So I must listen to God speaking to me.  That, my friends, is the million dollar question:  How well am I listening to God?  Do I take His admonitions seriously?  Do I truly put my will in His hands?

This weekend I've had many opportunities to work for Him in the Church.  I've done well (for the most part) and made lots of trips to the the Blessed Sacrament to prayerfully listen to what I'm being told.  Yet, at the first sign of…

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