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St. John Bosco

I must confess, up until 2015, I was unaware of the great Saint John Bosco.  I mean, of course I'd heard of him, but never really took the time to read up on him or his works.  I am a little ashamed of that fact simply because I have boys and St. Bosco was a terrific priest who especially loved boys, entertaining them, teaching them and loving them. 

I happened upon his story in a fantastically marvelous way:  reading about him with one of my dearest friends on a train in Italy rocketing us from Rome to Turin.  We were going to see the exposition of the Shroud in 2015 and that ended in an unexpected side trip to the Basilica of Our Lady of Help of Christians.  Not only were we excited to visit this Basilica, we happened upon Mass complete with a children's choir on the 200th anniversary of St. Bosco's birth!  The piece de resistance was praying at his incorrupt body (which I didn't know existed). 

Down the stairs of this Basilica is an artists rendition of a dream St. …

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