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Kitchen Craze

The current renovation show craze does not obsess me, yet I am self-aware enough to know it certainly could given the right circumstances.  I get unnaturally wrapped into episodes while sitting in waiting rooms, alternately hoping the Dr calls us in quickly and desiring it to take longer because I want to see how the kitchen turns out; wishing the gentleman to my right would just quit coughing already! I missed what they said was going on the accent wall! 
The one major reason I am not wrapped into concerns television and antenna:  we have old fashioned, over the air tv and we get 4 channels.  Period.  We also have end-of-the-line internet access which is sketchy at best - welcome to Rural Michigan.  I am glad of this because, frankly, I don’t have time to waste sitting in front of the TV when so many good books need to be read.  It also fosters family time and eliminates the constant barrage of main stream news media.  People complain all over how they are sick of the news and campaig…

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