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The scourge

Most people that know me understand my deep feelings regarding our culture and electronics.  I understand that they are helpful tools for communication and spreading the Gospel (and I'm known to love a well-timed meme myself), but they also have a dark side.

A very dark side.
Like all things created, they can be used for great good.  I love to communicate with my children while we are miles apart.  I enjoy reading a vast variety of good food for my soul and the ability to type a few words formed from a hazy idea into concrete black and white is nothing short of an amazement to the wonders of the mind.  
Like all things created, the Devil uses it for his advancement, namely, stealing souls from the glory of Heaven simply out of his eternal banishment and pride:  Non Serviam.  He hates all that is good and will do everything to make you hate it too; except since he cannot create, he must only use the good that God already has which is why it is difficult to distinguish the disto…

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