Season Opener

My fall season opener is complete with registrations for school, phone calls, class schedules, immunizations, teacher meetings and the mantra:  "Don't remind me!" when I happily do remind them that school starts next week.  3rd Grade, 5th Grade, 6th Grade, 8th Grade and our oldest will begin High School.   Wait, what?!?

High School???  When did THAT happen?

It's very disconcerting when your child is attending the very same High School that you did.  You know, the HS that you graduated from last summer?  (well, that's what it SEEMS like.)
He even has some of the same teachers that my husband and had.....very surreal.  I suppose that's what we get for living and choosing to stay in such a rural town. 

I love that we can relate to his experience and share the stories from our past HS experience along with the visuals.  I also love that we were able to change a bit of history and allow him to discuss the potential effects his choices now will enable him to manage the future.  He's got a good head on his shoulders and I'm very proud of him.

God has many possibilites for our lives.  That's something my kids hear frequently and consistently.  I need to remember that it's not only for the young, it's for all of us.  Recently I was able to change my employment and return to where I do believe my vocation is:  close to home in my parish. My children need me - even more so than when they were toddlers.

Yes.  More

I had a wonderful opportunity set right in front of me.  It's everything I wanted, and more.  Yet it came at a really bad time.  It also came along with various temptations, which in our culture, can be disguised in lovely ways.  Yet, here I am because I try to listen to God and the possibility He set in front of my family. 

Every day, God is at work, in the small things, large things, and in between.  We need to have a strong prayer life to be in tune with what He is saying.  We must continue to have converstations, real and heartfelt, desperate and grateful, with God.  He needs us to reach out to Him and give Him the details of our lives.  Not for His sake, truly He knows everything that happens to us, but for OURS.  To release all the pent up feelings of happiness and frustration.  To open our hearts for the real and lasting change only God can provide.  To fill us with Grace and understanding.  Just like a cup that is full, you can't put more in something until you take some out. 

God is waiting.  Do you know what your possibilities are?  Pray about it.


Child A:  "Mom, I'm going to walk through where all my classes are and try my locker a couple of times."

Mom:  "OK.  Sounds like a great idea."

(While child A is doing this, Child B walks up to me)
Child B:  "Hey mom, there you are."

Mom:  "Did you check your locker?"

Child B:  "Yeah.  I can't get it, but that's ok."

Mom:  "Do you know where your classes are?"
Child B:  "No.  I lost my schedule"

Mom:  "Huh?  What do you think, you'll wander the halls and the teachers are going to stand in the hall, wave you down, and say hey, you're in my class this hour?"

Child B:  Laughs.  "Yeah!  That'd be alright."

Exasperated silence while Child A assess situation.

Child A:  "Cmon, let's go check your locker."

boys go walking ahead of Mom
Child A:  "Ok, what's your first hour......"

The eyes well up and Mom sends up a special prayer to God for both these precious people.


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