My own Dormitory

As I walked around my house today, I finally articulated what has been bugging me lately:  I live in a dormitory. 

My house comes complete with:
  • stinky shoes.  Left wherever they were shed.
  • dirty laundry.  Preferably wadded up and stuffed in nearest corner.
  • towel clad boy wandering around looking for clean clothes.
  • wet towels.  Thrown wherever user chose to get dressed.
  • laundry room utilized as a) dressing room b) place to scavenge for new clothes from other owners c)general place to dump unwanted items, laundry or not.
  • boy stink
  • dirty shower
  • empty a)shower gel containers b)shampoo bottles c)laundry soap d)toothpaste
  • unmade beds and general uncleanliness
  • used soda cans, dirty dishes and empty boxes of food/wrappers stuffed in cushions, closets and under beds.  Never in the sink, garbage, or dishwasher.
  • sideways glares and the smell of hostile testosterone
  • multiple episodes of punching/yelling/tripping/practical jokes
  • fart jokes
  • lots of fart jokes
  • America’s Funniest Videos and Wipeout as favorite shows
  • lots and lots of laundry.  When I can find it.
  • consistently empty pantry and refrigerator.  Even though last grocery bill was $638.

And I cherish every minute of it.


  1. lol!!! This is soooo true, but I think it comes with all kids not just boys!


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