Keeping the Sabbath

Now, I know that winter is coming.  I am well aware that the cold will settle in, the wind will cut through me like I'm a piece of swiss cheese and that I will curse the icy windshield more than I should.  Yet, I'm enjoying the right here, right now weather. It's glorious, this Indian Summer.

You see, most summers, I'm so excited it's here, I say things like "oh my goodness, I'm so glad it's warm.  I hate the winter, I just love this sun." or "Ugh, 80 degrees isn't warm enough.  I need to wash away that winter"  See?  I am not in the moment.  I am taking that time to anticipate how much I hate the winter and plugging it into that moment of bliss with the sun.  

So, this summer, I made every conscious effort to appreciate each and every moment I shared with that sun.  I also took to heart the words I heard at a Catechetical Leaders retreat and actually listened to the Ten Commandments.  Yeah, we all know not to steal, not to kill (even though there are many, many days where I'm tempted to steal my kids' freedom and break their arms....) and to not look at my girlfiend's hubby and wish mine was more like that (coveting if you must know).  But that other one:  the one that says Keep the Sabbath Holy. 

And like many, I took it mostly to mean to get my butt in the pew at Mass (or Church, Sunday Service, etc) and to remember Who (plural because we have the Son, Father, and Holy Spirit!) it is we thank for all our blessings and Who I need to turn to to keep strengthened for my journey of a thousand steps with some kinda crazy boys. 

But no.  This time the leader stopped and said 'listen to that commandment.  Really listen.  We are commanded to take a break.  Every seven days, we get a break.  We are free from the laundry.  We are free from worries.  We are free to just sit around and enjoying God's creation.  We ARE meant to lounge, nap, and be lazy.  It's True!  If there was anything I was left with at that retreat, it was that "Man, I've got some catching up to do!!" 

And I did.

I caught up this summer.  I lazed.  I prayed.  I began a bible study with some awesome Kitties.  I visited with friends.  I stayed up late and read (and read and read).  I napped on the couch.  I napped in the sun.  I napped on the beach.  I played with the boys.  I rode bikes.  I had fun!  And I did it all knowing I was doing as God commanded ~ I wasn't being lazy, I wasn't shirking my duties, I was catching up with my God who told me it's ok to rest because, after all, Jesus did the same. 

My house still stands, it's clean, my kids were well fed over the summer and I wouldn't have changed a single thing about it.  What a wonder! 
Yet now, it's back to work.  I'm all caught up and I now just get my one day a week.  But it's different now that I know it's ok to take one.  Now, I can look outside and feel it in my soul that I enjoyed the sun on a spiritual level and I don't have to worry about winter - after all, winter has it's own special gifts to share with me, and if I follow the commandments, I will find joy in it (somewhere.  Most likely cuddled under a very large, very soft blanket with a mug of cocoa in my hands watching a fab movie with my equally fab hubby)


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